Guardians of the Sea

The WFMF is now proud to be a partner in the Guardians of the Sea Project. This project is an Erasmus+ funded project, which aims to create a European network in order to promote the employability of young people with less opportunities and to protect the environment in fisheries and coastal services sectors, trough non-formal training.

The Guardians of the Sea  project Erasmus + program aims to create a European network to promote and improve employability of young people with fewer opportunities, and protect the environment in the fisheries sector and coastal services. In addition, a guide to help volunteers working with marine species will be published. This will all be made possible with the participation of 5 institutions, including the ZSL (Zoological Society of London, UK), CIIMAR Madeira (Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research of Madeira, Portugal), GreenRope (Italy) and WFMF (World Fish Migration Foundation; Netherlands). In addition, Marine Environment Committee of FEDAS, the Hippocampus and Bioblau Association will be involved in the project through collaboration and support.

The project falls in line with K2 Strategic Partnerships Erasmus + program and is funded by the Erasmus + program: Youth in Action, supported by the Spanish National Agency through the Department of Youth of the CARM. 

In the framework of this Project, the WFMF will have an advisory role in both the development of the eel monitoring component of the guidance and the communication efforts for the project! The project will also be celebrated with various events in multiple regions across Europe


  • ANSE. Asociación de Naturalistas del Sureste (Spain)
  • ZSL. Zoological Society of London (England, Great Britain)
  • CIIMAR-Madeira. Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research of Madeira (Portugal)
  • GreenRope (Italia)
  • WFMF. World Fish Migratory Foundation (The Netherlands)


Location Spain
Date Aug 1, 2015 - May 1, 2016
Category National
Organisation ANS, ZSL, CIIMAR-Madeira, Green Rope, WFMF