Connecting fish, rivers and people

We want to protect and conserve migratory fish worldwide! 

Migratory fish need the complete/large section of a river system to fulfil their lifecycles and are a key link within the river ecosystems around the world. Increased impacts from instream barriers, dams, pollution and other habitat changes, have massive effects on the survival of these migratory fish, which result in impacts on the ecosystems and can have devastating effects on humans who are dependent on these fish as a food source. 

The importance of these migratory fish, however, does not recieve the attention that it requires. As such World Fish Migration Foundation was initiated as a non-profit organisation.

Mission and vision

Our mission and vision is to contribute towards protecting and conserving migratory fish. Through projects that facilitate rehabilitation, ecosystem protection and communication on fish migration, we strive and ultimately look forward to:

  • Healthy migratory fish populations swimming in full abundance
  • More free-flowing rivers
  • Communities, specialists, industry and governement all working together to create a sustainable and happy environment for humans and fish alike

Our Goals

  • Contribute to the protection and development of migratory fish populations in river systems worldwide.
  • Inspire ecologists, engineers, students, river managers and decision makers to protect and restore free migration of fish populations everywhere around the world
  • Organize and stimulate the global dissemination of knowledge around free flowing rivers and dam removal concepts through online activities, conferences and networking
  • Stimulate and organize activities that contribute towards protecting and conserving migratory fish.
  • Facilitate communication between the worldwide fish migration expert community and key-decision & policy makers (water managers, etc.)
  • Educate citizenship about the impacts of barriers to whole ecosystem chains and the important role of migratory fish to healthy ecosystems and human communities

Arjan Berkhuysen

Managing Director

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Herman Wanningen

Creative Director

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Pao Fernández Garrido

Project Coordinator

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Rosa Olivo del Amo

Project manager

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Rik Bomer

Volunteer / Happy Fish Journey

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Iwan Hoving

Project Manager Dam Removal Europe

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Peter Gough

Environmental Scientist

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Kerry Brink

Aquatic Ecologist

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Roxanne Diaz

Communication Specialist

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Weronika Swatowska

Design & Content Marketeer

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