Dam Removal Europe


The overall ambition of Dam Removal Europe is to restore rivers in Europe that have high natural or cultural importance. Currently, there are many of these rivers in Europe that are fragmented by obsolete dams and weirs. By removing these barriers, we can once again have healthy free-flowing rivers full of fishes for all to benefit.



Dam removal is already taking place in some parts of Europe. These removals are local initiatives driven by many enthusiastic community members and stakeholders. However, there are still thousands of obsolete dams that have not been removed and we still do not know if!

Often, lack of awareness, knowledge, support and funding for dam removals are bottlenecks. Therefore, the Dam Removal Europe initiative aims to join local projects and make dam removal a mainstream river management option in Europe. Through this predominantly bottom up process, we can create a holistic approach to remove dams and reap the benefits.

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Dam Removal Europe is a project that allows relevant specialists to connect with one another. Through DRE conferences we can all share our knowledge and inspire new visions for a free-flowing Europe. Dam Removal Europe offers a website to communicate about removals, share news and information, and upload movies. DRE provides support and guidance for future dam removal projects under the umbrella of the European Dam Removal movement.

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Date Mar 15, 2017
Category International
Organisation World Fish Migration Foundation, WWF, European Rivers Network, The Rivers Trust, Rewilding Europe