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Are you working with fish migration, dam removals, rivers or are you interested in news on events about World Fish Migration Day or other fisheries related conferences? You can now sign up to several newsletters that deliver this news to you on a monthly or 2 monthly basis. The following subjects will be covered by the newsletters:


World Fish Migration Day

World Fish Migration Day is a one day event to create worldwide awareness of the importance of freshwater fish and open rivers for the general public, students and their teachers, resource managers and engineers, commercial and recreational anglers as well as those individuals who influence policy that affect rivers. It is a global initiative with activities organized to reach people from all over the world.

Dam Removal Europe

The overall ambition of Dam Removal Europe is to restore rivers in Europe, which used to be of high natural or cultural importance by removing dams in order to have once again healthy free flowing rivers full of fish for all to benefit. There are many rivers in Europe which would ecologically flourish if the dams and weirs which do not have any use anymore could be removed.

The AMBER (Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers) EU project

The World Fish Migration Foundation is part of a 6.2 million Euro multi-disciplinary research project called AMBER, that will deliver the first comprehensive Atlas of river barriers across Europe and will apply adaptive barrier management to reconnect Europe’s rivers.

Fisheries Related conferences

We have compiled all the fisheries related conferences from all over the World. We will search for new conferences, seminars or webinars to deliver you an up-to-date overview of future events. If you would like to suggest an event for the list, please contact us

The From Sea to Source book

This new edition of the From Sea to Source guidance seeks to educate, inform and inspire people who work on the preservation and restoration of migratory fish populations. The guidance contains unique examples from all corners of the world showing local problems and solutions for solving fish migration issues.

The Dutch Fish Migration Platform

The 2 weekly Dutch newsletter covering global and local fish migration news.


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Date Jul 3, 2018
Category International
Organisation World Fish Migration Foundation