Glass Eel voluntary program

Monitoring glass-eels with volunteers in the Nieuwe Waterweg & Harringvliet

It is a 3 year monitoring project  in cooperation between NGO, Water Authorities and Sealife

Due to the many pumping stations and sluises situated in Netherlands, many natural fish migratory routes have been inhibited. This has resulted in the continuous deteriatoration of fish stocks in the last decade. In an effort to manage these issues according to focused measures, it is of utmost importance to gain information on the distribution and migratory patterns of migratory fish, such as the eel and driedoornige stekelbaars .

In this study we focus on the upstream migration of glass eels from the North Sea via the Nieuwe Water Weg and the Haringvliet water systems. These patterns are monitored in the evening (twice a week) for 4 months (March to June) for 3 years. What makes this project particularly exciting is that it involves getting the community involved. Volunteers (fish enthusiasts) undertake this monitoring using a simple monitoring technique with a Cross Net at specific locations identified as important management areas.

With the results from this monitoring we hope to gain knowledge about the migratory patterns of fish in the Nieuwe Waterweg and Haringvliet as well as to create a bridge between the community and migratory fish.


Location Zuid Holland
Date Dec 1, 2014 - Jun 30, 2017
Category Regional
Organisation WFMF, Ravon, Delfland, Hollandse Delta